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Charging your LumaSoothe 1

LumaSoothe 1 is rechargeable with the included Micro-USB Cable & Charger!

Locate the USB Charging Cable & USB Wall Charger (included inside the LumaSoothe box).

Connect the small tip of the Charging Cable (Micro USB tip) to the charging port (5v Micro USB port) located on the side of your LumaSoothe.

Please make sure to connect the USB cable at a straight angle!

USB power adaptor plugged into power

Connect the other end of the charging cable (Male USB) to the USB Wall Charger and connect to your power outlet.

  • You can also charge your LumaSoothe directly via any power enabled USB port.

Once connected to power the CHARGE indicator light on your LumaSoothe will be solid RED. When the unit is fully charged the indicator light will turn solid Green.

Please note: Charging times can vary based on the output of the power source (Wall Outlet, Power Bank, Car or Computer USB port, etc.) it is plugged into. Typically 1 – 2 hour recharge time is normal.

Tips / Recommendations:
  • LumaSoothe can provide several treatments (15 minutes each) before needing a recharge
  • When your LumaSoothe is low on power the ON/OFF indicator will flash green, letting you know its time to recharge. 
  • LumaSoothe can also be charged via any power enabled USB Port such as:
  • USB port on your PC
  • USB port in your Car
  • USB Power bank and more.

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