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Dr. Donato-Mason

Certified Animal Chiropractor

Meet Dr. Donato-Mason (Healthy Paws Chiropractic) who has been a Certified Animal Chiropractor since 2019 and has been using the LumaSoothe on her patients since 2022.

In her time in practice, she has noticed her results skyrocket since adding the LumaSoothe unit. She has made it her mission to educate as many people as possible about the amazing benefits of LumaSoothe light therapy device.

In her words:
“While I always recommend Chiropractic care, you may not have a Certified Animal Chiropractor in your area, and this device still gives you the option to help your furbaby heal in a more natural way in the comforts of your own home.

It’s time to end your furbaby’s suffering and kick start their healing instead!”


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from California

Kevin our German Shepard, has been suffering from the initial stages of Hip Dysplasia along with arthritis in his hips! We have been giving him Glucosamine supplement for some time. A friend recommended that we try the LumeSoothe device. We immediately began treating Kevin’s hips each day. He seems to enjoy the treatment itself and within a week his symptoms began to noticeably improve. He is moving much better and is even enjoying chasing a ball again. We couldn’t be more pleased with his progress.


from Missouri

We noticed our 7 year old Pomeranian, Lily, was shedding her hair in two areas where her skin seemed to be irritated. We didn’t know if this was from excessive licking or some other reason. Our veterinarian suggested that Light Therapy could help so we tried the LumaSoothe device which is very affordable. Within a week of once-a-day treatments, Lily’s skin began to clear up. Three weeks later her hair began to re-grow and has been filling in nicely ever since. Good job LumaSoothe!

Kyley, Ammo & Trooper

from Ammo the Dachshund

Trooper sadly has arthritis in his elbows, and has for quite some time. Trooper never lets his arthritis slow him down though, and he lives quite a vigorous life on the farm. Over the years he’s done lots of things to keep himself feeling youthful including joint supplements, so light therapy seemed like a great thing to add to his regime to keep him ready to take on the world. Trooper’s arthritis comes and goes in the form of a limp, and when he happened to start this light therapy experiment several weeks ago he wasn’t limping at the time.

Trooper has been testing out the deep treatment light for the past several weeks in the hopes that it will keep his arthritis pain at bay.Every evening before bed Trooper gets a 15 minute session with LumaSoothe. Trooper’s limp has not returned the entire time he’s been testing out the LumaSoothe In fact, Trooper enjoyed the treatments so much on his joints that he tends to fall asleep during them.*

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from San Diego, California

December 23rd we had very heavy rain all day, later in the early evening it had stopped for a bit. We let Koda out into the garden, he was so excited that he went on a high speed run around it. When turning at speed on the slippy muddy grass his front left leg slid out from under him, injuring the muscles where his leg & body meet. He was limping very heavily & walking very slowly as a result. He remained very sore & stiff & could not jump up on the couch. We started using the LumaSoothe the following day while he was lying on the floor. After two days he could get up on the couch and he feels good enough to play, run around!

Christina Garloff


from Norco, California

Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with LumaSoothe! We have used it on two horses (tendon & shoulder), and one dog with arthritis so far. We’ve been pretty impressed with the results so far!


from Las Vegas, NV

LumaSoothe seems to be helping my dog Zoe. I have certainly seen improvement in her mobility and attitude, she’s pretty much back to her old self! She had been having some difficulty with her back right leg giving out on her but there’s no evidence of that being an issue any longer. I continue to give her a 15 minute treatment each evening. Hopefully the IVDD scare is behind us and she can live out the rest of her life pain free!

Audra High, Dezi & Raena


I have 2 beautiful and large Ragdoll Service cats. Unfortunately arthritis is something we all suffer from at one time or another, including our pets. Larger pets suffer earlier, and cats often hide the initial stages. Often treatments consist of pills, treats, or some other supplement, your finicky cat may or may not eat. And if they do eat it, they may or may not throw it back up 10 minutes later along with their meal.

My oldest cat is more finicky than any I’ve seen before and refuses to eat “tainted” food. That is, if I try to add anything to her food as a treatment, she won’t eat. So when we heard about the LumaSoothe, I knew we had to try it. Finally, a treatment that doesn’t cause any harmful side effects and something your pet will actually enjoy. No more uneaten meals or throw ups right after the meal. My cat (Dezi) loves “treatment time” so much, she often tries to open the box herself. The LumaSoothe comes in a sturdy box with both the IR Deep Treatment Head and the ST Surface Treatment Head. This is a great value, as these could be sold as two separate machines. Thankfully LumaSoothe makers seem to care more abut providing relief and quality to our pets than just making money. The LumaSoothe is rechargeable and comes with both the USB charging cable as well as an adapter to plug right into the wall outlet. The charging light is easy to see, so there’s no question as to when the unit is ready for use. During the treatment, the LumaSoothe head does warm up. It doesn’t get hot and is not uncomfortable for your pet. Based on the purrs, I would say it’s very relaxing. There is a built in shut off after 15 minutes that will turn the LumaSoothe off, signaling the end of the treatment. We have been doing a 15 minute treatment per day, and occasionally a second short treatment when Dezi gets the box open herself. She really does enjoy treatment time.

Although my youngest cat is not yet 1 year old, she wants to get a treatment as well. It’s so nice to know, this isn’t going to hurt her or cause any adverse side effects. And we can also use the included Surface Treatment head to encourage fur growth where she was shaved for her spay surgery. The heads are easy to change out and wipe clean. I have been using light therapy for myself for years. It’s nice to finally have those same benefits for my girls. Although we’ve not been using the LumaSoothe for long, the fur appears to be growing back quicker than before on my youngest. And Dezi is holding her tail a bit higher, jumping a bit higher and walking a little easier already. With continued use, I only expect to see more improvement. We highly recommend the LumaSoothe for any household with pets.

*Free sample was provided for review purposes.





Cindy Reviewer

Review From

I bought one of these back in December as a Christmas present for my dog. I’m not going to pretend I understand the science behind it…. but I’m convinced that this is well worth the expense.

My dog suffers from some alopecia related to season allergies. This device has promoted fast hair regrowth for those areas. Additionally, my dog has IVDD and regularly receives acupuncture. I use this to space out the acupuncture sessions a bit more and it seems to help my dog stay comfortable.

Scientifically, I can’t explain it or give anyone a guarantee that this work. But I believe that it does and it’s now a regular part of my regime for keeping my dog healthy and happy.



My number one rule of thumb when trying anything that claims it can promote healing in dogs is to try it on myself first-because we rarely truly know if things are working on our dogs, unless it is able to be witnessed with our own eyes. So, I brought it straight home, charged it up and turned it on my body. Truth be told, this may be personal, but this is the God’s honest truth… I was having HORRIBLE stomach pains that rose deep into my shoulders every time I breathed. I put the deep tissue light attachment on and WITHIN TWO SECONDS, I kid you not, the pains from my stomach to my shoulder were gone, and I could breath deeply again.

I’ve also tried this on sore muscles and my own joint pain… All of which were relived by using the Luma Soothe after just a few seconds.

Light therapy is completely safe. Actually, once your cells have soaked up all the light they need, they stop soaking it up just as if you were to ingest too much Vitamin C. Your body takes what it needs and dumps the rest. You can’t overdose, which I love, so that means you can do no harm.

*Free sample was provided for review purposes.

R. G Reviewer

Review From

It has been several weeks since buying this product. My 9 year old lab mix Dannie has arthritis in her right hip. I take her swimming everyday for an hour and use the LumaSoothe 1-2 times a day( 4 hours apart). She enjoys it immensely and I have noticed improvement. To have this done at the vet costs 50.00 a treatment.

Beans The Whippet

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Josie Reviewer

Review From

My pet lab gets a massage every day. She suffers from hip dysplesia and is only 2 years old. Going to the vet 2-3 times a weeks and then once a week was a chore and costly, but now after using this for a little over a month she not only seems to be able to have more fun in the yard with the other labs (running around chasing them), but she seems to be able to walk much better and her legs are not as stiff. Thank you for making this affordable product.

Dboliner Reviewer

Review From

My 19 year old cat has recently started to show signs of arthritis. When we went to the vet we discovered she has degenerated lower vertebrae in her spine. My veterinarian has performed a series of laser light treatments as well as some prescribed pain medication. However, with an aging cat we don’t want to keep her on pain medication for long. And laser treatments can be costly. When I came across this on Amazon, I took the information to my veterinarian for her approval. She saw nothing harmful with the use of this device. So, I ordered it. At first we were using this daily. Sometimes twice a day. I am now using it every few days or when my cat seems to be in pain or stiff and less mobile. My cat enjoys the LumaSoothe. Sometimes it takes her a few minutes to settle in and sit still for the treatment. Mostly, because she wants it to be used everywhere and she is curious. Generally, within a few minutes she is sitting and purring and quiet happy. It’s great that there is a built in timer! I tend to get about 4-5 days use and then need to recharge, which is so easy. And that is usually when it’s being used daily, sometimes twice a day. I’m thrilled to have an option at home to help keep my sweet old kitty comfortable! I wish I had had this over the years for other aging pets in similar conditions! I definitely would recommend!

B. Coleman Reviewer

Review From

I have bursitis in my shoulder joint. I know this is for dogs but, the therapy is the same for humans. When the pain gets bad I put this light on my shoulder for 15 minutes and boy does it help the pain. NASA came up with this light therapy idea and I am sure glad they did. I also, use it on my bad knee and it helps the pain there too.


Customer on Twitter
Riley the dog

James S. Reviewer

Review From

This has worked on both myself and my dog, much to my surprise. I alternated knees, on myself, and felt relief for 24 hrs. On my dog, she was bouncier, her hip dyplasia definitely relieved. However, I’d suggest every other day or earlier than 2pm, (she’s 8 lbs), since it made her rather restless when applied after that time. Definitely give lesser treatment at first, as suggested. Very pleased!

G. Timothy

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Janet B. Reviewer

Review From

easy to use-dog loves it

Samantha R.



*Free sample was provided for review purposes.

L. A. A. Reviewer

Review From

My 3 1/2 year old dog contacted a serious disk issue from jumping down off of the bed frequently. It started on a Saturday I rushed him to the emergency vet. A week later he had NO use of his hind end at all. He was dragging his back legs like he was hit by a car. I received the laser and within 2 days he was walking again and now (5 days later) I have to tell him not to run (he’s still healing)!

Roxane T. Reviewer

Review From

I give it five stars because I believe it works……One day he did let me do it and he really relaxed…

Amazon Customer Reviewer

Review From

Our senior dog has bad arthritis in her back legs and already takes some mild pain pills. Lately her pain has been worse and her legs lock up. While I don’t mind the money to take her to the vet 2 to 3 times a week for laser therapy, I don’t have the time for 3 90 minute excursions. The light seems to do the trick and she really enjoys it.

Judy D.

Amazon Customer

We all love our pets so much, they are a big part of our family ESPECIALLY loving us unconditionally. I think they deserve to try this. ESPECIALLY, since you give a satisfactory guarantee- which I found out rather quickly that IT WORKS! From the 1st day of using Lumasoothe my Buddy hasn’t had a painful muscle cramp so far. Thank you so much for Lumasoothe, it’s worth every penny to see that my Buddy doesn’t have pain since using it. Also, due to the fact that it helps many other problems that may arise, it’s worth it to have on hand. Everyday I used to cry seeing my Buddy in pain, Lumasoothe turned my tears into smiles!

P.S. EVERYONE should know that you have wonderful , caring customer service! LOVE, LOVE, LumaSoothe!


Alicia Boemi

– Instagram Post

“Jayne got light therapy ( @lumasoothe), massage and bodywork, mom’s special, and ran around like a crazy lady in the yard many a times this week. Also got a nail trim from a new groomer and it went well all thanks to a bully stick 😅 So glad she’s such a happy tripawd girl.”

Jennifer Davis

Nifty Device

This device is super easy to use and what I like about it is that is not intimidating to the animal. It’s small and fits in your hand so my dog didn’t freak out. The product appears to be well made. I researched a lot before I bought this and the owner was so helpful. Customer service is really great and the price is right.

Sarah Reviewer

Review From

I have a senior dog – 13! – and she has struggled with mobility and ear irritation for a while now. She’s otherwise healthy, eats a great diet, and is on a light pain med that seems to help with her hips.

However, using the LumaSoothe has changed everything. She seems to scratch less. Her ears seem to bother her less. A few little bumps under her skin around her neck area (hardly ever wears a collar anymore, so not sure of the cause) have started to shrink.

But the two biggest changes I’ve noticed: she seems much, much less anxious in general. I don’t know if that’s just because she’s in less pain and more comfortable, or if it’s like light therapy for people with SAD. It’s been a significant change though.

AND her mobility and strength has vastly improved. As an example, if it rains and I want to wipe her down with a towel after we come inside, she can stand upright and still now for the duration. Before LumaSoothe, that hadn’t happened in a long, long time. She would move A LOT during that process. She would usually slide a little, shuffle, walk away, just generally not be still and have a hard time with being wiped off, especially near her haunches, and the standing. Not anymore! She can also run and romp a bit more like she hadn’t in a long time.

She’s still old. But the light therapy seems to have helped bring about a renewed strength and enthusiasm she hadn’t exhibited in quite some time. Highly, highly, highly recommend.

Lory O.T. Reviewer

Review From

Got this in today and it’s AMAZING! Lola absolutely loved it and is now fast asleep 💤 My husband even tried it on his pinched shoulder and he said he could tell a difference. I got it on Amazon.

ZomBettie Reviewer


Review From

I am a CVT with an older dog that has developed neurological issues. I do deep IR light treatments on her using this device. She really seems to enjoy it. It’s very well made & comes with 2 heads. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Carole A. Hack

– Facebook Comment

“I had a Foster dog that had pain in his back that made him stumble and sometimes fall both in his front and back. I started using LumaSoothe on him ever day, neck, mid and lower back they said he had disk compression. After a week he was racing around like a pup (large dog 10 yrs old). I also used it on my doberman who had TPLO surgery and scar tissue build up. So I recommend it to everyone who’ll listen.”

Saint-Remy-de-Provence Reviewer

Review From

OK, I have only had this for a little while.. However, here are the results…..Spine…..Back muscles along spine are acting normally. Prior to using this light the dog had cramping and knots along almost the entire spine. Discs appear to not be causing cramping at this time. Shoulder + Hips? Prior to treatment you could feel muscle knots and his movements were more restricted. Muscles around these joints were cramping. After treatments, the muscles appear not to be cramping (knots + cramping appear to have relaxed and pain level seems greatly reduced. How did he respond? The dog is quite relaxed + appears to be far more comfortable. So far? Excellent………………………However, I need to give that light more time. So, my main concern was helping with muscle cramping and disc pain. And for that, my score has to be “excellent”…..How do I know about back pain symptoms? Because I have had a number of back surgeries myself and I can feel similar tight muscles, his curved spine, and muscle knots at disc locations, joints, and hips.

Shannon Reviewer

From Amazon:

My boxer princess (Gabby) has hip dysphasia and recently tore her meniscus. She has had so much pain and the anti inflammatory and pain meds did not help in the least. My vet used light therapy on her before I’m sure his was a very expensive device. so I thought this might take a while to see results. It was really hard for her to get in and out of the car to go to the vet for treatments.

I giver her a treatment everyday for the 15 min. I can see much improvement in her walking and playfulness. Before she would not touch the ground with her left leg. She will still limp sometimes but that is because she has been playing! This is something you have to stick with and you will definitely see improvement. I like it because it can be used in our home.

Harwich Foodie Reviewer

Review From

I don’t write reviews, however, I felt it was important to write this one. My dog is 17 years old and weighs around 15 lbs. She is a Westie. Lately, I noticed that she had a little difficulty getting up and down the stairs (climbing more slowly than usual) and tended to sleep more and more each day. I ordered the Lumasoothe to see if it had any effect on her joints and spine. The first time I used it on her spine and her hips, she was licking my arm. She loved it! When I put her down she began running around the kitchen. That evening she went up the stairs with much less effort. This is truly amazing. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not believe it. I have done two more sessions with her and now she looks for the device and walks towards me so as to get her therapy. This is a KEEPER! I’m a believer.

Jane L. Reviewer

Review From

My 4 year old Shih Tzu has scoliosis. Some days it is difficult for her to walk and even stand up when she’s sitting too long. About two months ago, it was really bad and I can tell she was very uncomfortable. I came across LumaSoothe on Instagram and did a bit of research. I found out it was being sold here on Amazon so decided to try it out. I have been using it on her 2x a day (15 minutes) each time and I have seen an improvement. Her scoliosis will never go away, but I feel that LumaSoothe has helped with some pain relief.

Mary K. Reviewer

Review From

I absolutely love this product. I got it for one of my cats that has serve arthritis in his back, and I wasn’t sure if this device would work for him. I had also looked at lasers, since he has had that at the vet but I figured that I would start small and graduate if I needed to.. He does very well with the device and it has helped him in so many ways. He is starting to move better and is able to jump up on certain things better than he had before having the arthritis. I would recommend this product for anyone who has an animal that is suffering with arthritis.

Erin Reviewer

Review From

I absolutely LOVE this product! My Labrador just had TPLO surgery, and I read about this for deep surgical wounds. I don’t know about the affects, but my dog treats it like a message. His eyes close, he gets sooooo relaxed, and for that, during this excruciating recovery period, I’m forever grateful for this product!

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