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About Us

Learn about us as a company.

About our Mission

LumaSoothe, was founded with one goal – providing affordable, high quality solutions for our pet’s health needs.

Our motto is – Science, Technology and the Power of Nature – which drives our philosophy of providing high quality, scientifically proven and natural solutions to our pet’s needs.

Who are we?

Welcome to LumaSoothe, where a team of seasoned professionals with over 15 years of expertise in Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) industry is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of pets. As passionate pet owners ourselves, we understand the profound bond shared with our furry friends and are committed to going the extra mile to alleviate their pain, heal wounds, and address various skin conditions.

Our extensive experience in the LLLT business, coupled with decades of combined business acumen, positions us as leaders in the field. We recognize the potent benefits of Light Therapy, particularly its ability to serve as a powerful antidote for many health issues that dogs and cats encounter throughout their lives.

We take pride in not only being experts in LLLT but also in our personal connection as pet owners. This unique perspective fuels our mission to provide the best possible care for our four-legged companions. We believe that every pet deserves a healthy and happy life, and our LLLT solutions are tailored to achieve just that.

Discover the impact of LLLT on pet health by exploring our success stories. Our commitment to the well-being of pets extends beyond business – it’s a personal dedication that drives us to deliver exceptional care.

Partnering with veterinarians and pet care professionals, we aim to build a community focused on the holistic well-being of animals. By collaborating with these experts, we enhance our products and ensure that pet owners receive the highest standard of care for their beloved companions.

At LumaSoothe, we love our pets, so to take our assistance to those who are less fortunate, we will be supporting non-profit animal organizations.

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LumaSoothe products have been featured in multiple publications, highlighting their quality and appeal. It’s rewarding to see our efforts recognized in influential platforms, reinforcing our commitment to delivering standout products for your pets! 😀

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