September 8, 2017
Benefits of Green Light Therapy for Pets

Benefits of Green Light Therapy for Pets

Green light therapy typically falls in the wavelength range of 515 nm to 520 nm and is most frequently used for skin treatments and anti-aging therapies.

Overall Benefits of Green Light Therapy:


  • Provides Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
  • Reduce Pain on the Surface of the Skin.
  • Reduce Browned / Dry Skin Patches
  • Helps reduce Liver spots
  • Correct hyperpigmentation
  • Reduce freckling
  • Eliminate sun spots

The key benefit of Green Light therapy is that it helps reduce inflammation on the surface of the skin, provides anti-aging benefits and helps target the cells that produce melanin (called melanocytes) which is the pigmentation in the bottom layer of the epidermis. This helps stop these cells from creating excessive pigments that are not needed by the body.

Does LumaSoothe Feature Green Light Therapy?

Yes it does, LumaSoothe features the 520nm Green LED lights in both of our Light Therapy Modules (Both included with your purchase)

IR Deep Treatment Module

Infrared Deep Treatment Head provides Light Therapy for painful conditionds


In addition to the 32 Infrared LED Lights in our IR Deep Treatment Module there are 8 Green LED’s (Total of 4 LED’s in this treatment module) that help reduce inflammation on the surface of the skin. The Infrared lights can reach 1 – 1 ½ inches into the bone and muscle area to provide anti-inflammatory & pain relief benefits for conditions such as arthritis!

Surface Treatment Module

Surface Treatment Module provides Light Therapy for Skin and Hair conditions.

There are 12 Green LED’s in our “Surface Treatment Module” in addition to the Green LED lights, the Surface Treatment Module features; 16 Red at 650nm, 8 Blue at 470nm and 4 Yellow at 490nm for a total of 40 LEDs. This particular combination of lights can provide your dogs and cats multitude of treatment options. Treatments range from cuts to wounds, regrowth of lost hair and much more.

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