December 5, 2023
LumaSoothe 2 Now Available at HealthyCat!

LumaSoothe 2 Now Available at HealthyCat!

Hey cat lovers, we’ve got some paws-itively exciting news to share! We’ve teamed up with HealthyCat ( to bring you the awesome LumaSoothe 2 light therapy device for your furry companions! 🐾

Why It’s Meow-some

HealthyCat is all about top-notch products and purr-fect customer service. By partnering with them, we’re making it easier than ever for you to treat your cats to the benefits of the LumaSoothe 2.

Keeping Cats Happy and Healthy

The LumaSoothe 2 is a game-changer in cat health. It offers drug-free, pain-free, and non-invasive light therapy that’s super easy to use. Whether your cat needs a little extra TLC for joints, muscles, or overall wellness, the LumaSoothe 2 has got you covered.

Features Your Cat Will Love

  • Rechargeable 🔋
  • Portable 🚀
  • Affordable 💲
  • Easy to Use 🐱
  • Holistic 🌿
  • Automatic Treatments
  • Powerful 💪
  • Daily Treatments 📅
  • 2 Therapy Modes ✌️
  • Non-Invasive 😊

What’s Next?

This partnership is just the beginning of our journey to keep your cats feeling their best. We’re committed to bringing you innovative solutions and working with leaders like HealthyCat to make sure every cat gets the care they deserve.

About HealthyCat is your go-to for everything your whiskered friends need to thrive. They’re passionate about quality and making sure you and your cats are happy customers.

Get Yours Meow!

Ready to treat your cat to the LumaSoothe 2? Head over to now and see why this light therapy device is the cat’s whiskers! Visit to learn more and get your paws on one today.

Let’s make cat wellness a breeze together! 🌟