August 28, 2017
6 Signs your Pets May have Arthritis!

6 Signs your Pets May have Arthritis!

Although arthritis is commonly seen in middle-aged to older pets, it can affect our pets at any age. Even younger dogs and cats can suffer from it. Arthritis causes changes within the affected joints and muscles that are painful for the affected pet. The pain caused by arthritis is typically responsible for many of the signs listed below.



1. Limping

You may see your pets limping or favoring one or of their legs, depending on which leg and joints are arthritic. In some cases the limp may seem much worse when your pet first rises. It can become less noticeable as your pet starts to move around.

2. Difficulty Moving

Your pet may be reluctant to do most things that were previously easy for them to accomplish. For example, your dog may find it difficult to get in and out of the car or you may notice that your cats having difficult going up and down the stairs that were previously easily manageable. Arthritic cats typically stop jumping onto countertops, perches and other high areas due to the pain and discomfort.

3. Spinal Issues

Arthritis can occur not only in the legs but also in various parts of the spine. These changes may result in sore neck and abnormal posture. It’s important to keep an eye out if your pets start to display any abnormal posture such as a hunch in the back.

4. Lack or energy / Tiredness

If your pet is suffering from Arthritis you may notice that they will may tire much more easily. For dogs, this may mean that your walks with them will become shorter and more painful for them. Your dogs and cats may spend more time sleeping / resting.

5. Irritability

Arthritic pets may easily become irritable. They may snap or bite when approached or handled, particularly if the petting takes place in a way that increases their pain. If your pets are displaying signs of abnormal behavior such as biting or snapping please consult with your veterinarian professional as this can be a sign of them suffering from arthritis.

6. Excessive Licking, Chewing and Biting

Pets that are suffering from arthritis may also being to lick, chew and or bite at body areas that are painful. Sadly this may even reach to the point of causing inflamed skin and even hair loss over the affected areas.

Arthritis Treatment option for Dogs and Cats

Although at this time arthritis cannot be cured, there are options available that can help ease the pain and provide your pets relief. Currently the most effective treatment option available for arthritis is Low Level Light Therapy.

Low Level Light Therapy Treatments has been proven to provide pain relief for joint related issues such as arthritis. For over 40+ years light therapy treatments have only been available for human use and only recently through specialty veterinarians.

Fortunately that is no longer the case, In April 2016 we introduced LumaSoothe the first Home use LED Light Therapy Treatment device made especially for dogs and cats that is safe, portable, rechargeable and offers multiple treatment options, not only for arthritis pain but also for pets skin related issues such as eczema.

It’s always a good idea to consult your veterinarian for advice if you believe your dog or cat is suffering from arthritis.

Infrared Deep Treatment Head provides Light Therapy for painful conditionds

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