July 24, 2017
Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy for Pets

Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy for Pets

Learn about the benefits of Infrared Light and what it can do for your pets.



How did Infrared Light come about?

When one thinks of light, we may imagine the glare of the Sun, or the glow of a light bulb. But the only light our eyes can see is visible light and that makes up just a tiny portion of all the light around us in the world.

Infrared light falls just outside the visible spectrum, past the edge of what we as humans can see. Sir William Herschel first discovered infrared light in 1800. He split light into a rainbow called a spectrum, by passing sunlight through a prism, and then placed a thermometer in different colors in that spectrum. Unexpectedly, William Herschel found that the thermometer showed a rise in temperature in the dark area beyond the edge of the red light.

Have you ever notice, that if you are able to find a sunny patch during even the most blustery winter days you manage to stay warm? The sun provides our Earth with nourishing warmth & energy, helping drive all the processes of life. The sun’s output of energy spans across the electromagnetic spectrum, ranging from gamma rays to radio waves etc. Much of the Sun’s energy that reaches Earth is in the form of visible and invisible infrared light. One of the best ways to bump up your exposure to infrared light is simply by basking in the warmth of the sun. Our body’s alongside our pets are naturally tuned to absorb the energy of the sun in a very effective way. Exposure to infrared light helps our body naturally reduce inflammation of the joints, reduce pain and much more.

How does Infrared Light Therapy work?

Infrared light works by increasing Nitric oxide in the body. The key to the dramatic improvements engendered by infrared light therapy is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a short-lived gas that is crucial to the health of the arteries. This powerful signaling molecule relaxes the arteries, helps regulate blood pressure, fights free radicals, and discourages platelets from clumping together in the blood vessels. Infrared energy prompts the release of nitric oxide, which enhances blood flow in the immediate vicinity, bringing oxygen, nutrients—and pain relief—to injured, aching tissues.

Light Therapy Products

The growing body of research illuminating the power benefits of infrared light therapy has prompted companies to offer products to meet a new consumer demand. Infrared Therapy is a unique therapy that harnesses the healing powers of infrared light. It emits deep penetration wavelengths of light energy that dramatically increase circulation to injury sites and areas of chronic pain in joints, etc. The result is a rapid relief of discomfort, improvement in sensation, and regeneration of damaged tissues. 

While many of devices are sold to licensed health practitioners at very high costs, there are now very few consumer friendly products that use Safe LED’s. There are even less products available on the market that are specially designed to be used on pets at home, let alone be portable and rechargeable.

LumaSoothe’s  IR Deep Treatment Moudle (DT) features 32 Infrared LED’s.

Many Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy:

Infrared light therapy is an effective, tested treatment for any condition characterized by pain and inflammation. Here’s just a partial list of conditions that benefit from treatment:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Blunt trauma
  • Bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle sprains and strains
  • Neck pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ)
  • Tendonitis
  • Surgical incisions
  • And much more!


What areas of the body can I treat:

What to look for in a product

Things to look for when searching for a Light Therapy device for your pets:

  1. It’s Made exclusivity for Pets.
  2. Uses LED’s to deliver treatments for safety.
  3. Features Pulsating Light (Blinking / Flashing)
  4. Offers Multiple Treatments; Skincare & Joint Pain relief
  5. Easy to Use and Hold in your Hand.
  6. Features Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Infrared LED’s!
  7. Includes built-in Rechargeable Batteries
  8. Automatic Treatment Timer (So you don’t have to keep track)
  9. Small enough to fit in a purse/bag for portability.
  10. USB & Wall rechargeable so you can recharge anywhere.

Does LumaSoothe feature Infrared Light?

We believe that our pets comfort and safety should be our number one priority. Our pet light therapy product LumaSoothe features 32 Infrared LED’s in our IR Deep Treatment Module (DT) that is included with your purchase. LumaSoothe checks every box on the list of things to look for and more! LumaSoothe features Safe LED’s to provide our pets with the best comprehensive treatment available on the market today without any side-effects associated with laser light!

Infrared – IR Deep Treatment Module (DT)

Infrared Deep Treatment Head provides Light Therapy for painful conditionds

Surface Treatment Module (ST)

Surface Treatment Module provides Light Therapy for Skin and Hair conditions.

Where can I buy LumaSoothe for my Pet?

You Can order LumaSoothe here on our website alongside several independent retailers, businesses throughout USA and on Amazon.com, Walmart.com, FireFlyBuys.com and Jet.com!

Available on Amazon & Prime eligible


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