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Applying LumaSoothe 2 Treatments

Giving LumaSoothe 2 Light Therapy Treatments couldn’t be any easier, follow the instructions below to see how easy it is!

Applying LumaSoothe 2 Treatments

Video Guide:

Watch our video guide and see how easy it is to give your pets light therapy with LumaSoothe 2 at home or on the go!

Step 1.

LumaSoothe 2 Turn Power On

Power On

To get started using your LumaSoothe 2, press the [Power On/Off] button, once pressed the unit will turn on with the LCD Screen lit blue and displaying the default information, such as the treatment time and mode.

Step 2.

Select Mode

Depending on your pets condition, you may need to switch from the default [DT] mode, to the [ST] mode.

[DT] mode is for conditions deep in the joint, muscle areas such as Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Back Pain, IVDD and more.

[ST] mode is designed to be used for surface conditions such as hair loss, cuts, wounds, itchy skin etc.

To change modes, press the [Mode] button. Once pressed, the mode indicator on the [LCD Screen] will show the appropriate mode information.

LumaSoothe 2 will always default to the DT mode (Infrared Deep Treatment Mode). If you are treating for any deep bone/joint, muscle related conditions, there is no need to switch treatment modes and you may skip this step.

LumaSoothe 2 - Switch between Treatment Modes

Step 3.

LumaSoothe 2 - Select Treatment Timer

Select Timer

By default, LumaSoothe 2 will use the recommended 15 minute treatment time. However if you would like to give your pets shorter “quick” treatments, you may change the timer by pressing the [Timer] button.

With each press of the Timer button, the timer will change between 15 minutes, 10 minutes or 5 minutes.

If you would like to use the recommended and default 15 minute treatment time. You do not need to press this button and can skip this step.

Step 4.

Start Treatment

When ready to begin, press the [Start/Pause] button to start the treatment cycle. Once the treatment timer has ran out, LumaSoothe 2 will turn off automatically,  letting you know that the treatment has finished.

  • Treatments can also be paused by pressing the “Start/Pause” button again, during a treatment.
  • To resume press the same button once more.
  • Treatment can be paused for up to 5 minutes. 


LumaSoothe 2 - Start Treatments with your Pet
Additional Treatment Tips
  • We recommend for the first 3-5 Initial treatments, to start with shorter treatment times per treatment around 5-10 minutes and then increase to full 15 minutes.
  • Shorter initial treatments certainly will allow your pet to acclimate to light therapy.
  • Standard Treatment time per treatment area is 15 minutes.
  • LumaSoothe lights are programmed to automatically turn off after timer has ran out.
  • If your pets condition consist of several separate spots, in this situation please make sure each spot is treated separately with it’s own 15 minute treatment cycle.
  • If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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