December 28, 2022
Introducing LumaSoothe 2: The Next Gen Light Therapy Solution for Pets

Introducing LumaSoothe 2: The Next Gen Light Therapy Solution for Pets

As pet owners, we constantly seek ways to ensure our furry friends live healthy, pain-free lives. Enter LumaSoothe 2, the next generation in light therapy for pets, designed to elevate the original LumaSoothe experience based on user feedback.

Enhanced Features for Superior Care

Multi-Function Treatment Head

  • Combines Deep and Surface Treatment modes into one convenient head.
  • Switch between modes with a simple button press.
  • Removable head for effortless cleaning.

Advanced Charging Options

  • Equipped with a USB-C port and an additional USB-C Charging Base.
  • Offers flexibility with “Set it and forget it” charging or direct USB-C charging at home or on the go.

More Powerful Treatments

  • Improved output performance ensures faster healing and more effective treatments.

User-Friendly LCD Display

  • Clearly shows battery charge level, selected timer, remaining treatment time, and the selected treatment mode.

Customizable Treatment Times

  • Choose between 15, 10, or 5-minute treatment cycles to best suit your pet’s needs.

Why Choose LumaSoothe 2?

  • Rechargeable and portable for convenience.
  • Affordable and designed for one-time purchase.
  • Holistic, drug-free, and pain-free treatments.
  • Non-invasive therapy with daily treatments possible.
  • Automatic treatments with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day return policy.

LumaSoothe 2 is crafted to be easy to use, ensuring your pets receive the best care without stress or hassle. Enhance your pet’s wellness routine with this innovative light therapy device.

Taking a closer look at LumaSoothe 2

In The Box

LumaSoothe 2 Unit

LumaSoothe 2 Unit

Charging Base

USB Base to Charge LumaSoothe 2

USB-C Power Cable

USB-C Power Cable

USB Power Adapter

USB Power Adaptor

Compare and see all of the quality of life improvements that LumaSoothe 2 offers.

LumaSoothe 2 - Light Therapy for Pets
LumaSoothe 1 - Light Therapy for Pets
MSRP: $189.95
MSRP: $174.95
Number of Treatment Heads
1, Multi-Function Treatment Head (2 Treatment Modes in 1 Head) 
2 Separate Treatment Heads (1 treatment mode per head)
Treatment Modes
Infrared Deep Treatment Mode (DT)
Surface Treatment Mode (ST)
Infrared Deep Treatment Head (DT)
Surface Treatment Head (ST)
Light Therapy Wavelengths
DT Mode - Infrared, Red, Green
ST Mode - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
DT Head - Infrared, Green
ST Head - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Switching Treatment Modes
Press of a button (Mode Button)
Manually changing Heads
Treatment Timer Options
15 Minutes (Default)
10 Minutes
5 Minutes
15 Minutes
Charging Port
Power Cable & USB Adaptor
Charging Base
 Yes, Included
Function Buttons
Power ON/OFF
Mode Select
Timer Select
Power ON/OFF
 Auto-Shut off feature
Yes, Device will turn off after treatment time has run out.
Device will pause after treatment time has run out.
LCD Display Menu
Battery Level Indicator
LCD Display (Animated)
Selected Treatment Timer Indicator
LCD Display
Count Down Timer Indicator
LCD Display (Animated)
Pause/Play Indicator
LCD Display
Treatment Mode Indicator
LCD Display
Sticker on the Back of the Head
Pausing Treatment Timer
Yes, holds timer for upto 5 minutes & Displayed on LCD Display
Yes, holds timer for upto 5 minutes.
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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