December 7, 2018
How can Pets benefit from Light Therapy at home?

How can Pets benefit from Light Therapy at home?

When people first hear about light therapy treatments for their pets they usually think to themselves, Can this help my Pets condition? Is it a proven technology, founded in science? 

Short answer is, YES!

Light Therapy can treat many conditions from joint, muscle and skin issues to hair loss. Light Therapy has been around since 1960’s, with countless scientific studies proving the benefits it can provide to the pets. 

What are some of the conditions Light Therapy can help with?

Light therapy can help with countless conditions and we cannot cover them all in one article alone.

Below are some key benefits of low level light therapy treatments.

Light Therapy for Painful Joint and Muscle Conditions

Reduce Inflammation

When light therapy is delivered to injury site (painful areas) it dramatically increases circulation of blood flow, reduces inflammation, and promotes faster natural healing.

Kill Harmful Bacteria

Blue Light Therapy has the power to help kill harmful bacteria’s on the surface / skin area.

Light Therapy Helps Kill Harmful Bacteria
Light Therapy for Skin Injuries

Heal Skin Injuries Faster

Light therapy helps the body to naturally bring more blood flow to the treatment site, this natural process results in faster wound healing.

Regrow Lost Hair

Light therapy helps pets that suffer from excessive shedding and hair loss to regain lost hair. The link between hair regrowth and light therapy has been proven for over a decade.

Light Therapy for Hair Regrowth

And many more:

Deep Surgical Wounds
Deep Muscle Soreness
Reduce Joint Inflammation
Hip Dysplasia
Sprains & Strains
Back Pain

Relieves Eczema
Relieves Seborrhea
Helps Clear Infections
Relieves Psoriasis
Promotes Hair Regrowth
Reduce Chronic Pain
Kills Harmful Bacteria
Malassezia (yeast)
Reduce Skin Inflammation

Can Light Therapy Treatments be given at Home and on the Go?

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