June 27, 2017
5 Tips to Help Keep Your Pets Cool & Safe During Summer!

5 Tips to Help Keep Your Pets Cool & Safe During Summer!

It’s finally summer! Time for you and the family to hit the beaches / water parks to keep cool. In the midst of having fun its important to make sure that our pets are kept cool and safe!

1. Exercise pets during the cool hours of the day!

The best times to take your pets outside are in the early morning or late evenings, this will ensure that their exposure to heat is minimal. Hot pavement / asphalt can easily burn pets’ paws, so make sure you keep your pets on the grass as much as possible during walks.

2. Keep them hydrated all day!

It’s important to keep your pets hydrated all day. Specially if you have to work during the week! Keep their bowl of water in a shaded cool area of the house where the son can’t reach and to keep their water cold for longer try to give them colder than usual water early in the day with an added (1) Ice-cube to keep the water cooler longer.

3. Look for signs of heatstroke in pets.

  • Heavy panting
  • Excessive water consumption
  • Disorientation

If you think your pet is experiencing heatstroke, quickly move them into a cool air-conditioned place. Apply cold ice towels or ice packs to their head, neck and chest or put your pet in the bathtub and gently run cool, not cold water over his body.

4. Avoid high humidity levels.

Unlike us pets sweat through their paws & pant through their mouths to try to cool down. Panting lets them remove the moisture from their lungs, which cools down their body. Downside is, if humidity levels are too high, animals can’t cool off their body, which can cause health issues.

5. Shade them from the sun!

If you keep pets outdoors, make sure they have plenty of protection from the heat & the sun. Big trees, patios with large awnings provide ample shade for pets.

If you decided to leave them alone for extended periods of time, don’t leave your pets outdoors. Even with shade, pets can become overheated outside, especially during a heat wave. Bring pets inside where it’s cool and safe for them.

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