May 22, 2017
Helpful Tips – Charging

Helpful Tips – Charging

Just like your Cell Phone, LumaSoothe has a built-in Lithium-ion battery. The battery is rechargeable with the included Micro-USB Cable & Wall Charger!

Locate the USB Charging Cable & USB Wall Charger included in your LumaSoothe box.

Connect the small tip of Charging Cable (Micro USB tip) to the charging port on your LumaSoothe. (5v Micro USB port).

Connect the other end of the charging cable (Male USB) to the USB Wall Charger / adapter and connect to your power outlet.

  • LumaSoothe can also be charged via any power enabled USB port on your PC, Car, Power bank!

Once connected to power ensure that the CHARGE light on your LumaSoothe is solid RED. When the unit is fully charge the charge indicator light will turn solid Green.

LumaSoothe can provide up to about 12 treatments (15 minutes each) before needing a recharge! When your LumaSoothe is low on power the charge indicator will flash red, letting you know its time to recharge.

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