May 19, 2017
Helpful Tips – Changing Treatments

Helpful Tips – Changing Treatments

Switching Treatments is as easy as press of a button!


Before switching treatments please ensure that your LumaSoothe unit is turned off. The ON/OFF light indicator should be off.

Press and hold the white “Treatment Release Button” located above the charging port on your LumaSoothe.

While holding “Treatment Release” button, remove (pull apart) the current light therapy module (As shown).

Select the Treatment Module you would like to use, depending on your pets condition.

  • Deep Treatment Module = (DT)
  • Surface Treatment Module = (ST)

After selecting the appropriate Treatment Module for your pets condition, align the Treatment label (DT or ST) with the Treatment Release button and Insert. (Step 5 is reverse of Step 3)

Please pay close attention while changing treatments as the treatment label / white arrow must line up with the treatment release button.

Happy to help.

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